Shaving your head is a style choice that many men make for various reasons in their lives. Could be you just love the look of a slick clean-shaven head or maybe you are concerned about the thinness of your hair or could be losing hair entirely. The grey may be creeping in and instead of dying it, shaving it is the easier option. No one wants to deal with off colored roots anyway.

Best Men’s Razor For Shaving Head – Top 5 Best Men’s Razors for Shaving head

Whatever your reason is, like anything in life there is a right way and a not so right way of doing things. With the technology of today, you know for sure someone has done something that is very specific just for shaving your head and in today’s market you can find many different products that are specifically for removing everything from the top of your cranium.

To begin, it must be known that there is not much of a better feeling than a head cleanly shaved by a straight razor. Not everyone has the hands of a professional barber and is willing to take blade to scalp and the costs of getting  your head done once a week by a professional may not be in your budget so we will take a look at the next best options out there for getting the smooth, glossy look of a freshly shaved head.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is electric or blade? Each one has their pros and cons, and much of it will come to preference, so you need to take a look at your own life and see what works best for you but it is pretty clear to say that even with the best of electric technology and wet shaving techniques, a blade will still give you that very close shave feeling.

An electric shaver is always handy in any shave situation. They are quick, easy to use, are usually ready to go as long as you remember to charge it or if it has a cord and they are reasonably easy to clean when done. Tech has come a long way in how close you can get with an electric shaver, and that means the level of convenience is top notch.

When you choose a blade for your shaving, then you have a few more options available to you in style of blade. A Safety razor is usually second only to the straight razor but does take some effort to learn how to use and does come with some costs involved. Disposables are readily available and depending on the quality of the razor in question, can do a great job or can leave the head in cuts and nicks that can leave you with a little regret at bringing blade to head. In the disposable field, there are also several specific for heads brands available to make your experience easy and pleasurable.

An electric shaver is always handy in any shave situation. They are quick, easy to use, are usually ready to go as long as you remember to charge it or if it has a cord and they are reasonably easy to clean when done. .


Pre-Shave Prep 

As with any shaving experience, being ready for the task at hand means the end results should come out as expected. When considering shaving your head, you need to take into account what to use to make everything go… smooth.

Just about any choice of razor you use, be it electric or blade, trimming first just makes everything go a lot easier. Of course, if you are using a safety blade or a straight razor this step is not always necessary as the single blade will cut right to the skin and not get clogged or gummed up with extra hairs but any disposable or electric will require a trim first to make your life a lot easier.

Many electric shavers, for both head and face, will come with a trimmer and for the most part, any man with facial hair will have some form of a trimmer on hand. Most standard trimmers will cut to a .5mm or .4mm giving you a perfect height to work with a blade or an electric to remove the remaining stubble. For the best results in trimmers, it is good to use a proper head or beard trimmer to get rid of any longer unwanted hair first.

Head prep still requires a lubricant of some kind if you are using a blade and there are many options available for you out there. It is recommended to stay away from aerosols due to the fact they have chemicals in them that can dry the skin and possibly cause irritation but there are a lot of products out there that you squeeze into your hands and massage onto your head either to create a lather or to create the lubricant needed to be sure your skin is ready for the shaver.

Just remember, if you are using an electric, they usually do not need any kind of lubricant, and while there are wet and dry electric shavers, you will need to be sure of the manufacturer’s recommendations when using any electric on your head.

So let’s take a look at what is useful to remove all that hair from your head.

#1 Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 - Essntialized
Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – Essntialized

The Norelco QC5000 series is a great hair trimmer with many useful features, but the QC5580 Hair Clipper Pro comes with an additional attachment to give you that very close head shave. This trimmer can also be used on beards and your face if you so desire.

One of the things that makes the QC5580/40 unique is the rotating head which twists 180 degrees allowing you to position it for the most comfortable reach. Sometimes it can be challenging to get the back of your head and hold the handle proper due to angles, but the QC5580 takes that problem and nullifies it by being able to twist its head and provide a comfortable grip while reaching those hard to get places.

A dial on the head gives you full control over how long you want your trim to be. Using the dial with 14 different settings and two attachments gives you a plethora of shave heights to accommodate any user, from zero to 19/32 of an inch in length.

The one attachment that makes the QC5580/40 rise above others is the balder attachment, which is similar to what you would see on a face shaver. This attachment is a foil version meaning the blades travel back and forth inside the foil instead of a rotation like many modern electric razors have which does not always give as close a shave as rotating heads do.

Best Men’s Razor For Shaving Head is a cordless razor meaning that it is rechargeable. A battery indicator lets you know how much batter life is left and a full charge can give you up to 60 minutes of shave time. Run out of juice, and you can use it as a corded shaver as well if needed. It is also compatible with voltages worldwide so no need for a power adapter, just a simple wall adaptor will do.

The Breakdown

  • Performance: A good trim and a good shave. The 60 min of shave time means you can take your time when on a full charge.
  • Maintenance:  Easily taken apart and cleaned with water. Blades are self-sharpening so no need to send off anything to be sharpened. Lubricate as directed to keep moving parts long lasting.
  • Quality of Cut: The trim feature is excellent and works just as it should. The balder tool is OK but not as close a shave as the blade tools in our list.
  • Comfort Level Being an electric razor this would be done as a dry cut and the balder tool can be harsh on sensitive skin resulting in redness and irritation if pressed too hard.
  • Affordability: A higher priced shaver so not found in the bargain aisle at your favorite discount store. When used and maintained well it can last for many years meaning your overall cost is not so bad.


  • 180-degree angles on the head for easy reach
  • Several attachments including the balder
  • Rechargeable and compact so good for travel


  • Foil balder maybe not as close a cut as others
  • No other trimmer attachment for nose or ears

This is a great shaver and well worth its weight. Lightweight, versatile and portable make this a great convenient shaver for on the go and while it does not shave as close as some of the other methods its convenience and ability for daily use make that not as noticeable but this is likely the best electric razor to shave your head.

#2 Headblade ATX Kit

What is to say that shaving your head can’t be fun while you are doing it? The Headblade ATX kit is not just a razor but an entire package for the head shaver enthusiast. The kit comes with everything you need including the very unique Headblade shaver, Headslick shave cream and a package of extra blades.

The HeadSlick is a great product to get your head ready for your shave. Chock full of special lubricants to help the blades glide effortlessly along the skin, and water-soluble, so it is easy to rinse blades as you are using them. HeadSlick is also mentholated so it will leave you feeling cool and refreshed after your shave. Suitable for both your head and your face.

The set comes with a package of additional blades which is excellent. Each head is a four blade system designed to give a nice close shave. The head is compact meaning it can reach areas like behind the ears without too much difficulty, and a lubrication strip helps keep everything hydrated.

Now onto the Headblade unit itself. This thing is just fun. Looking a little like a miniature ATV, you place the unit onto your middle finger and then stroke the unit either front to back or from back to front on your head. Large wheels on the unit roll over the skin to keep everything level and flowing nicely on the contours of your head ensuring you have a comfortable shave. The blade head also pivots meaning that it will glide effortlessly over bumps and other shapes on your head. This unique design makes the shaving process fun and something to look forward to each time you decide to shave your head.

The Breakdown

  • Performance: Easy to use once you get the hang of how it works. Can be used on your head as that is what it is designed for but can be used on your face as well as needed.
  • Maintenance:  Blades can get clogged if you are shaving with more than a few days worth of growth. Rinsing the blades regular will help keep everything free and clear. Changing the blade head is not complicated and similar to any disposable head razor system.
  • Quality of Cut:  A 4 blade head will give you a very smooth close shave.
  • Comfort LevelThe lubrication strip helps keep things hydrated, and heads are designed to prevent nicks and cuts from happening. Skin irritation is kept to a minimum especially when using the included HeadSlick
  • Affordability While a little more expensive than your standard disposable head razor systems, the handle will last a very long time, and replacement blades are comparable for any quad-blade type of razor head.


  • Designs for shaving your head

  • Comfortable to use

  • Complete package including the shave cream

  • Dual attachments allow for the use of blade heads from other brands to be used


  • Slight learning curve as this is reasonably different from other razors

  • If shaving more than a few days growth, the blades can get quite clogged and can warp giving not a close a shave

The Headblade ATX is an excellent kit if you are a beginner head shaver or a seasoned pro. Comes with everything you need and refills are easy to come by.

A super bonus is the attachments that come with the kit to allow you to use blade heads from other brands such as Gillette or Schick if you can’t find the actual Headblade refills.

See the Headblades website for which specific blade heads can be used and what color attachment they can be used with.

#3 OmniShaver


OmniShaver is very new to the market and a very different offering than what we have seen previously in shavers. While marketed as a head shaver, Omni Shaver can also be used on the chest, back, arms and legs. It is not recommended for face shaving due to how it works and is a razor specifically designed for shaving heads.

By using the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, this new company was able to get razors to market online only and currently this product is not available in stores but only through their IndieGoGo page. The product is shipping at this time of writing, and there are plans to make this readily available through brick and mortar stores as well in the future.

The shaver itself is a small plastic disk currently in white but will be offered in different colors with new production. The disk holds a blade assembly on the bottom which has 10 blades on it, 5 blades for one direction and then 5 more blades for the other direction. The base has rockers on it so that it can move in and out in 4 different directions making it easy to maneuver over contours of your head.

The concept of the shave merely is to move the shaver back and forth from front to back over your head without removing the shaver from contact with the skin. When pushing in one direction, one set of blades is cutting the hair, and the other direction is removing cut hairs from the blades and self-sharpening on the skin at the same time. When you move the blade in the opposite direction the process is repeated in reverse to the original and now the second set of blades is doing the cutting, and the first set is clearing debris and sharpening. There is no need to rinse the shaver while shaving as the shave cream is helping remove any debris from the unit with the motion of the shaver itself.

The Breakdown

  • Performance: Quick and easy to use once you get the idea of the back and forth motion. Harder to get behind the ears but easily one of the quickest ways to blade shave your head.
  • Maintenance:  Effortless to clean and maintain. Once finished shaving rinse in warm water and make sure all residual hairs are removed from the shaver. Make sure it dries appropriately to keep the blades themselves in good condition.
  • Quality of Cut:  A 5 blade system for each direction gives you an incredibly close shave.
  • Comfort Level: While there is no lubrication strip available on the piece, this is a long-term unit designed to be used for as long as possible meaning it is not a disposable and a lubrication strip would be used up long before you would need to replace the razor.
  • Affordability Around the same price as some higher end disposable razors, this is a massive contender in the affordable market provided it lasts as long as claims. If it can be used regularly for six months or more, then it is a huge bonus.


  • Simple and easy to use

  • Small and compact, can be taken on a plane without issue

  • Very close shave


  • Very new on the market

  • Only available through their site currently

This is an excellent piece for a handsome price. While very new to the market and not very long-term tested, there are a lot of people who are saying this is the one for them.

Users have said they have little need for anything else and will continue to use OmniShaver for many years to come. Keep an eye on this new shaving contender.

#4 Merkur 25C Long Handle Safety Razor

Safety razors are second only to the straight razor in quality of cut when in the hands of an experienced user. The single blade when kept sharp cuts hair in a single stroke meaning less irritation and scraping of the skin. While cuts and nicks can be a part of an inexperienced users life, after mastering the techniques of this classic style of razor you can get a cut almost like none other.

Merkur has been doing Safety Razors since the ’80s, and like many German companies, the name Merkur is synonymous with quality. The 25C is a 4 inch long handle 3 piece chrome Safety Razor that is superior in balance and an excellent fit for those with ‘man hands’.

While not an adjustable head, the aggression factor would be classed as mild to medium meaning it is an excellent razor to begin with as the ability to find the sweet spot where the razor cuts its best is not too difficult to find. This goes for not only in reference to your head but to your face as well as this razor is designed to be used for both areas.

The Breakdown

  • Performance: Once you get the hang of using a Safety Razor then it will give you a close shave unlike most others.
  • Maintenance: Blades are easy to change, and the entire unit is straightforward to clean and rinse. The Single blade means no clogs to deal with.
  • Quality of Cut: A fresh blade means a cut so smooth you would not even know you had hair growing there.
  • Comfort Level: Safety Razors are designed to cut close in the hands of an experienced user. A novice may encounter cuts and nicks while learning to use but once the basics are understood there are no problems. A single blade means less pulling and skin scraping which will mean less irritation.
  • Affordability: The initial investment of the razor is more than disposables but if kept in good condition is meant to be used for a lifetime. Replacement blades are inexpensive and plentiful in many different brands so it is easy to keep a close shave at hand.


  • Very smooth shave

  • Lifetime use

  • Good fit for larger hands


  • Can not be brought in carry on for travel, must be checked in

  • Can be a little lightweight for some. The handle is long but also hollow

  • Takes some time to learn to use correctly

An excellent starter razors who want to step up from disposables. After learning to use it correctly, this is the only razor you will ever need for your face or for your head, or for anything else you want to shave.

#5 Gillette Mach3 Disposable


Disposables are what most people know best of all, and the same razor that is good for your face is also good for your head. Like any disposable, it can be used a few times and then either the blade head is thrown out or the entire razor is thrown out depending on the model you have in hand.

Gillette does great razors. They have been doing razors for over 100 years, and the Mach3 is the one razor that is very easy to find and is sold just about anywhere you go. The Mach3 is a disposable head razor so you can buy the handle once and then as you use up the blades, get a new set of blades at any time just about anywhere.

The Mach3 is a three blade head system that is one of Gillette’s best selling razor systems. Using blades that are stronger than others using a diamond cut coating means each stroke of a Mach3 can be like 2 or 3 strokes of other brands meaning less chance of nicks, cuts and skin irritation. The Mach3 lubrication strip also allows for some extra aloe to help keep skin smooth and soft.

The Mach3 also has different head types for different types of skin types. The Mach3 Sensitive can be used if you have delicate skin for extra lubrication and extra effort to avoid skin irritation.

The Breakdown

  • Performance: Provided you have followed all the pre-shave guidelines, the Mach3 will give you an excellent close shave for a disposable.
  • Maintenance: The head of the Mach3 is designed for very good flow through with water so you can simply clean debris out of the head as you are shaving. Changing the heads is as easy as pressing a button and then pressing firmly on the new razor head.
  • Quality of Cut: Gillette blades are designed to give a great cut with their tri-blade heads.
  • Comfort Level: Using the Mach3 Sensitive means you are covered when it comes to skin irritation.
  • Affordability: A very good price for a very good razor. While the starter package can be slightly more than some other disposables, that is made up for in the quality of the shave overall.


  • Easily obtainable

  • Straightforward razor to use

  • Affordable


  • If longer growth is shaved the razor does tend to get clogged with debris

  • Can be light and difficult to navigate on the back of the head

Always a great razor to have around and use in a pinch. Will give you a great shave for a very attractive price and the ease of availability means you can get one at just about any corner store for those emergency shaves.


This review is obviously very generic and not specific for one skin type or style of hair. African-American men can have certain difficulties with shaved hair curling and growing inward causing bumps and ingrown hairs that can add complications to the shaving methods described here. A little more research may be needed to find the best razor for shaving a black man’s head.

One question we have heard previous is, are Harry’s razors good for shaving your head? That answer would be a very large NO, and as a matter of fact, when you purchase a Harry’s razor, it is stated specifically in the documentation that it is not a good razor for using on your head. The tilt system of the replaceable head does not allow for enough control when doing the top or the back of the head and can lead to the removal of skin and gouges that can leave nasty scars. It is not recommended at all to use ta Harry’s razor on your head.


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